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Dear fellow Montfortians,

Welcome to the new Montfort Alumni website.  We have totally revamped this website with more recent activities and upcoming events.  Under the members section, past school annuals and graduating class photos have been uploaded.  You need to sign up to be a Alumni member in order to gain access to this section.  Registration is free.  If you have registered under the previous website, it’s the same login id and password.  Send us a message if you have forgotten your id/password.

The MA is run by Montfortians for Montfortians. The MA is fortunate to have a group of very dedicated Montfortians across a wide age group coming together to organise events for fellow Montfortians.  The Alumni embraces the One Montfort idea that also includes the staffs, parents and students of both schools.  

Both our annual golf and dinner in the school have become main stay events.  The Alumni has also played a big role in fund raising for both Junior and Secondary school. We will continue to come up with activities to keep our alumni engaged with the school.  Feel free to engage us if you have any suggestions for future activities.

The Alumni has currently about 1000 members and another 580 signed up on our Facebook group.  We are reaching out to more old boys (and girls) to sign up as Alumni members.  We are all ambassadors of our school.  We hope to be able to engage more Montfortians especially those that left school in the 1990s and the 2000s.  We strive to pass the rich heritage of Montfort from generations to generations.

We need your support.  We are constantly looking for volunteers to come join the Exco or help out in organising events.  No effort is too small.  

Next year is a monumental year for Montfort.  The school will be 100 years old.  There are not many schools in Singapore that have such a long history.  The school is lining up a series of events in 2016 to commemerate this very significant milestone.  The MA will lending our support to make the 100 year birthday bash something to remember for a long time to come.

So please do take a moment to sign up as a member of the Alumni and we will keep you posted on the various upcoming events.

Age Quod Agis

Yours sincerely

Dennis Ho

Class of 1985


MA Exco 2012/2014


Dear fellow Montfortians,

Greetings from the MA. I have been recently elected as the President of the MA and together with my team; we are planning to launch some of our plans. This includes

a) Doing up a presentation for the MA
b) Identify and invite class/cohort representatives for tea
c) Increase our membership to 1200
d) Networking evening
e) Reunion dinner
f) Lau Jiak night
g) Golf game

The MA is for Montfortians and run by Montfortians. Only we and our concerted efforts, together with your support can determine how successful and vibrant the MA will be. I am quite sad to report that with a rich history of 93 years, we have only 800+ registered members. I am appealing to all Montfortians as a first step to sign up as a member. You can do this on line by logging onto our website at www.montfortians.org It will only take a couple of minutes, so do sign up. With your support, we will easily surpass our target to increase membership to 1200 within a year.

We know that there are many old boys who meet up from time to time. We would like to invite these class/cohort representatives to tea. We hope to get their support and through them reach out to more Montfortians. If one guy can reach out to 20 others and we extrapolate, maybe we can reach out to five thousand. We will be the envy of the town if we have this kind of support.

We thought it would be good to introduce a networking evening. The business community amongst fellow Montfortians can mingle freely and network. If this proves popular, we will take steps to further divide this into different industry groups.

A reunion dinner is overdue. The last one was already some years ago. Please wait for more news on this to be announced on the website. We look forward to your support on this. We are giving you early notice so that you can start to make plans and book a table with your friends.

For social activities, we have a group of die-hard badminton enthusiasts who turn up every Wednesday evening at MJS. We all know that the school has done well for badminton but these “uncles” have done themselves proud to be able to do this week in and week out. So if you are looking for some exercise, some friendship and a good time, do turn up and join them. We also have not organised a golf game for some time and we hope to get the golfers to play a round together. For those who are a bit rusty, maybe it is time to brush up by going to the driving range and prepare yourself for this.

The various sub-committees will be formed and we welcome volunteers to help us with each event. No effort is too small and no contribution is too little. The MA needs your support, experience and expertise, so please step forward. We also welcome suggestions and feedback on how we can serve you better.

We look forward to an exciting year with your support. We would like to take the opportunity to wish each one of you and your families a very blessed and successful year ahead.

Sincerely yours
James Cher
Class of 1972
MA Ex-Co 2009/10


Dear Montfortians,

I am please to announce that AGM 2006 of Montfort Alumni brought in faces from cohort of 1980s for the first time. The new ex-co now consists of members from 1968 through 1995, and this represents the best spread of cohorts. We would strive to serve members as best as we can.

2005 saw the initiative of a new golf event, the St. Louis Marie de Montfort Golf Challenge. It was a non-fund raising event, and the day ended with lots of prizes donated by many old boys. We plan it to be a regular event.

Since our launch of the MA website and online registration introduced in April 2005, our membership has grown by 22% over the past year. This is by far the fastest annual growth. We believe that with more members, a wider range of activities would be possible in future. Golf is played by 24% of members. All other interests of members are a mere 10% or less. As membership increases, more activities are possible besides golf and dinner.

Of the 100+ new online-registered members, there were 15 Montfortians who live and work overseas. Connecting classmates and old friends is now possible through this website, thus enabling the vision of “A growing Alumni that makes ties meaningful”

2006 saw the 90th anniversary of Montfort School, celebrating with a 90 km relay run, a special Thanksgiving mass by His Grace, Archbishop Nicholas Chia, and a Founder’s Day dinner at the school hall. It was organized by the Montfort Junior and Montfort Secondary schools, and 25 tables of old boys and girls were treated to a down memory lane presentation of archives from the school magazines.

As in all previous years, we look forward to your continuing support of our Alma Mater.


Ang Chee Kok
Class of 1971
MA Ex-Co 2006/07