Dennis Ho

Dear fellow Montfortians,

Welcome to the Montfort Alumni website.  We have updated this website with more recent activities and upcoming events.  Under the members section, past school annuals and graduating class photos have been uploaded.  You need to sign up to be a Alumni member in order to gain access to this section.  Registration is free.  If you have registered under the previous website, it’s the same login id and password.  Send us a message if you have forgotten your id/password.

The MA is run by Montfortians for Montfortians. The MA is fortunate to have a group of very dedicated Montfortians across a wide age group coming together to organise events for fellow Montfortians.  The Alumni embraces the One Montfort idea that also includes the staffs, parents and students of both schools.  

Both our annual golf and dinner in the school have become main stay events.  The Alumni has also played a big role in fund raising for both Junior and Secondary school. We will continue to come up with activities to keep our alumni engaged with the school.  Feel free to engage us if you have any suggestions for future activities.

The Alumni has currently about 1000 members and another 580 signed up on our Facebook group.  We are reaching out to more old boys (and girls) to sign up as Alumni members.  We are all ambassadors of our school.  We hope to be able to engage more Montfortians especially those that left school in the 1990s and the 2000s.  We strive to pass the rich heritage of Montfort from generations to generations.

We need your support.  We are constantly looking for volunteers to come join the Exco or help out in organising events.  No effort is too small.  

So please do take a moment to sign up as a member of the Alumni and we will keep you posted on the various upcoming events.

Age Quod Agis

Yours sincerely

Dennis Ho

Class of 1985


MA Exco 2018/2019